Philippe Coubes, MD, PhD

Professor Philippe COUBES, MD, PhD is Head of the Intractable Brain Pathology multidisciplinary Unit in the Department of Neurosurgery of the University Hospital MONTPELLIER France. He has been licensed for neurosurgery and neurology in France in 1989. He is specialized in the surgical treatment of movement disorders and intractable epilepsies. He has been pioneering Pallidal DBS especially in children with dystonia. He developed a method for lead implantation in the brain, based on exclusive MRI guidance under general anesthesia without microelectrode recordings. This technique is particularly adapted to patients unable to cooperate either because of very active dyskinesia or because of cognitive impairment. Since 1996, 1300 leads has been implanted in Montpellier using this technique in 450 patients. To date, he reported the long term evolution of the first Huntington disease patient to be treated with GPi neuromodulation on 2003, January 29th.