Sandro Sorbi MD

Department of Neuroscience Psycology, Area Drug and Child Health (NEUROFARBA)
University of Florence, Italy2

Education and training
1971-72 High School Graduated, Liceo Dante Alighieri, Florence.
1972-78 Student at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Florence; graduated (110/110), October 13, 1978
1978 Licensed to practice Medicine.
1982 Board certified in Neurology, University of Florence
1989 Board certified in Psychiatry, University of Florence

Academic Position
1980-82-Physician Research Associate, Division of Chronic and Degenerative Diseases, Department of Neurology, Cornell University, Medical College, New York, U.S.A.
1983-92 Research Associated of Neurology, Dept. of Neurological Sciences, University of Florence
1992-2001 Associate Professor of Neurology. Univ..
1997- present - Chief of Neurological Clinic-University of Florence
2001- Full Professor of Neurology-University of Florence
2009–2012 Director Department of Neurological and Psychiatric Sciences- University of Florence
2013- present Coordinator of the Neurosciences Section of the Department of Neuroscience Psycology, Area Drug and Child Health (NEUROFARBA) University of Florence, Italy
2015- present Scientific Coordinator IRCCS Don Carlo Gnocchi Firenze

Current teaching positions- University of Florence :
Neurology, Degree course in Medicine and Surgery, Neurology and Neurophysiopathology, Degree course of Physiotherapy; Neurology and Cognitive Rehabilitation , Degree course of Psycology; Neurology in several Medical Specializations course:

Research Experience
Project leader and/ or coordinator of several international and national research projects in the following research fields:
1. Dementia (clinical, neuropsycology, biology, imaging)
2. Molecular genetics of neurological and psychiatric disorders
3. Cellular and molecular biology of aging
4. Biochemistry, neurochemistry, cellular and molecular biology of hereditary ataxias and movement disorders
Expertise in clinical studies and expert in good clinical practice (GPS)

Citations 38625; H-index 83 (google scholar Jenuary 7, 2020)